I would like to let you all know that we have a view new Products in our Shop.

– a few new Cakes… Like Cinderella Cake. A nice, fluffy Cake with Sour Cherry, Hazelnuts and Chocolate. Very Tasty.
– a few new kind of Bread loafes and Rolls.
– on weekends we do offer a special Onion Cake underneath made with Bread dough.

We also do serve you Pizza, a few Panini, and we do do Catering at your Home or our Location. From Baked Pig, Porknuckl, Lamb Leg, Salads (Egg-, Potato-, Vegetable., Nudel-, Red Cabbage, Cabbage, etc. it´s all possible. We also make you Homemade Meatloaf and Bratwurst and different German Sandwiches (belegte Brötchen).
With a short notice we can provide this also for taking Home. Or we can provide this for a reasonable Lunchbreak at our Shop for you and your Co- Workers.

Thank you for your support.